Free Insider Information on How to Get the Best Used Cars Most Dealerships Don’t Want You to Know

Provided here is an insight to finding free “inside information” available only to certain dealership personnel that will help you get the list of used cars and trucks that most dealers don’t want you to have, get a free extended warranty with your purchase, and get a competitive interest rate.

With over 35 years experience in the Automotive Industry, one Transportation Consultant has advice worth listening to.

If you are looking for a used car or truck that is a one owner, without a rental car history, with multiple service maintenance records, free from accidents, and always garaged, go no further.

Having the “inside information” on the vehicle history of dealerships used cars and trucks is one major advantage you should take advantage of.

You could limit your search to one owner vehicles, without a rental car history, with multiple service maintenance records, free from accidents, and always garaged, if you would just ask.

And if you are in need of financing read on:

Getting the best rate of interest is a valuable tool when acquiring a new vehicle as it gives the purchaser buying power to receive the most car for his or her dollar.

In the past a consumer would first apply for the best interest rate offered by their Bank, and then compare it to the one offered by the Dealership. No longer is it a difficult loan process.

The process is now streamlined where as these Banking Partnerships allows you to compare what your local bank offers with the multiple lenders the Dealership offers, and this makes your shopping for the best interest rate easier.

Once you find what your Bank and the Dealership will offer you, the two offers are compared, and you the consumer makes the choice that makes the most sense. It’s that easy.

Here is a tip on getting an extended warranty for a reasonable cost:

Some later model used vehicles are categorized as either Certified or Non Certified. Certified means the warranty from the factory is extended usually for an additional one year or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. And that warranty is normally good anywhere that manufacturer sells in the US,usually without a deductible. This can save you hundreds and even thousands in unnecessary repair costs.

Certified cars and trucks are put through a more rigorous inspection process and have standards that increase the chances the vehicle you are buying is problem free at the time of your purchase. It just makes sense for the dealers to repair them right the first time, as they will have to make repairs anyways if the vehicle comes back during the warranty period.

Certified Vehicles cost a little more than Non Certified Vehicles, but if you are one who normally does not like to shell out lots of money for a long extended warranty, they can be a good alternative.

Now the time comes when you have to consider where is the best deal. No two used vehicles are in the same condition, so the best price is not always the best deal.

Inspect everything in person before you buy and give it a good test drive. The car or truck should go down the road straight when you let go of the steering wheel, and the steering wheel should not be jittery at any speeds.

If you feel you are too much a novice to make the buying decision yourself, a good look over from your local non biased mechanic may be worth it.

It’s a lot like chicken soup. It can’t hurt and it just may help.