Best Automotive Gadgets in 2018

Top-rated automotive gadgets and gizmos

Best car gadgets you should equip your car

In this new year it will be important, more than ever, to shop only genuine car gadgets and accessories, only using top-rated automotive gadgets you can drive safe and secure.

In the online market we can identify hundreds of products and gizmos from this industry, using them you can stay safe and you can enjoy your driving experience. In this post we want to reveal some of the most well-known products related to the car gadgets industry.

Fortunately, we like consumers, can shop from a lot of online stores, safe and secure, most important will be to identify those safe platforms, don’t spend your money on fake or low-quality platforms. Try all the time to read carefully the entire product description and don’t forget to check things about the warranty of your desired products.

In the automotive industry we will discover more cool developments, every year, new cool technologies, gizmos on board of your vehicles, gizmos used like car accessories. Try to decide what you can use for long-term period of time and what are the benefits of those products.

· Portable jumper starter kit – this amazing product can help you a lot, in those situations when you are alone and nobody can be next to you. Using this product for your vehicle represent a wise investment.

Basically, this product it is a battery source that will help you to start your car easy and secure. You just must connect the clamps to the car’s battery.

The most important is that the manufacture’s recommendation is to start your vehicle safe for up to 22 times on charge.

· Smart Car Adapter – this great gadget it is developed by Automatic brand – it is a small car adapter that can be used safe and easy, you can plug-in this item to the on-board diagnostics port of your car. Using this tool you can obtain a lot of technical information about your car.

This equipment can help you to identify different engine problems, warnings and errors, can show to you, to your phone via Bluetooth, where you parked, your trip history and much more information. Starting 1996, this product has a lot of updates and new and fresh releases periodically.

· Discover the full coverage heated steering wheel cover – a great car gadget for you and for your beloved ones. It is the only battery-operated heated steering wheel cover that can help you keeping your hands warm during winter drives.

Can be easily installed, it fits standard wheels 14 1/2 inch to 15 1/2 inch in diameter, heats up in ten minutes and it has up to three heat settings. The product can provide heat for up to 35 minutes and most important that the battery recharges in approximately three hours using your car 12 volt adapter.

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Using some of these gadgets you can improve your driving experience and in the same time you can be prepared for some issues or unexpected problems.

Not many owners are interested in equipping their cars with such devices and automotive gadgets but if they will take time to read and to find some interesting products, they will realise how many useful items can be bought at affordable prices. Good luck!

5 Connectivity Trends That Will Shape the Future of the Automotive Industry

Innovation is already behind the wheel of the modern automobiles. Yes, smart connectivity is now shaping the automotive sector in a never before way. While some of these technologies are already on the verge of becoming mainstream, there are other technologies that are just on their nascent state and are on the making. Most automotive management services predict that together these technologies will shape the future of the connected automobiles of the future.

Here are the 5 trends that will shape the future of the connectivity in automotive industry.

1. Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars that can run on the road without the intervention of the driver behind the wheel is already a reality with several automakers having come with their respective models of such cars. Already out through several successful test-runs Driverless cars truly holds the future of the automobile in the world. But according to expertise of leading automotive management services, driverless cars in spite of being already a reality, still a decade or so is required for such cars to become public and hit the road as regular vehicles.

2. AI-powered car infotainment systems

The infotainment systems of the modern cars are increasingly getting powerful and responsive and already they are all apt to respond to most regular commands including voice commands. The AI-powered virtual assistants will rule the future car infotainment systems of the cars to respond to passengers and driver in more responsive ways. AI is supposed to be introduced in the car infotainment systems of the future cars in just one or two years from now.

3. Blockchain-Powered Maintenance and Repair

We all are aware how the counterfeit car parts cause performance failure and in the long run damage vehicles. But as of now, in many countries to prevent such counterfeit parts entering the market there is no trusted system in place. In this respect, Blockchain based maintenance and repair mechanism can really play a revolutionary role in authenticating car parts. Blockchain which as a distributed ledger system allows no deletion or tampering of data while offering open and widespread access to data can actually help to authenticate car parts through an easily accessible distributed ledger of car parts.

4. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Connectivity

Vehicle to Vehicle connectivity commonly referred to as V2V technology allows cars on the road sharing information and keeping in touch with each other. On the road, a car can share information concerning speed, traffic, road conditions, any dangerous threats, etc. Automotive management services maintains that such V2V communication not only dramatically improves car safety and security it also actively helps cars avoiding routes that may take longer to reach the destination because of the heavy traffic. Already some cars are having a better in-car communication system and there are already highly equipped fleet management systems in place. All these together will shape the fully equipped Vehicle to Vehicle connectivity system of the future.

5. AR powered maintenance

Augmented Reality technology which already penetrated many industries and niches because of the unique capability of integrating the digital interaction to the real world around. Just like finding the digital game character of Pokemon in a popular AR game like Pokemon Go in an AR powered vehicle repair and maintenance environment the servicemen can render their services with guidance from a digital interface showing each and every part of the car.

A service engineer being able to see the entire car starting from the car seats to the interior features to the engine and bonnet can easily have a guided experience in repairing the entire car. This will help the car industry saving huge on maintenance and services. For customers also, this will ensure more precision, timely service and longer durability of the vehicle.

Kellys Blue Book Vs NADA Vs Edmunds Guide – The Differences in Blue Book Automotive Price Guides

You’ll always feel more confident that you got the best value when selling or buying a car if your entire transaction costs are near the average amount buyers in your area usually pay for the same manufacturer, model, year and version. However, finding the most accurate blue book for cars price guide may prove difficult. They all claim to provide unbiased fair market values for your car, however when compared, you will find significant discrepancies among the different price guides due to differences in their assessment methods. Among the most prominent, widely used and accepted automobile price guides are Kellys Blue Book for Cars, National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA Car), and Edmunds Guide. So, which is the most reliable guide among the three?

One sign of reliability is the assessor’s years of experience in the market. Among the three, Kellys Blue Book for Cars is the oldest, first printed in 1926 and continuing to serve as a bastion of trustworthy information for over 80 years. Shortly thereafter in 1933, NADA printed its first Car Appraisal Guides. The youngest is Edmunds Guide, established in 1966. Of the three, Kellys Blue Book has the longest record of unparalleled service establishing it as a standard in car appraisal guides. The Blue Book for Cars has an established extensive database and proven methodology that is continually being refined.

Another signal of accuracy is the completeness of the data and how often the data is updated. Blue Book for Cars, NADA Car, and Edmunds Guide all offer similar info like new and used car private party and detail retail values, trade-in values, and tips on how to buy, sell or trade in your car. Moreover, all of them have easy-to-access websites that makes researching car details and car reviews easier. Then, in what way do they differ from each other?

Aside from their websites, both KBB and NADA publish and regularly update easy-to-carry paperbacks in several versions that cater to the specific needs of its readers, only the Kellys Blue Book for Cars is published in its trademark blue color while NADA Car is bright yellow. Kellys Blue Book Used Car Guide is updated every 2 months, KBB New Car Guide is updated 4 times a year and KBB Consumer guides are updated twice a year. Meanwhile, the online data for Kellys Auction, Kellys Trade-in, Kellys  Wholesale Lending, and KBB Retail Values are updated weekly, making the information more useful for car dealers and buyers alike. In contrast, the NADA car consumer guide is updated 4 times a year and the online data is updated monthly. Edmunds Guide, on the other hand, has stopped printing its portable book version since 2006 making it difficult to carry a copy with you when negotiating the final price of your car. Moreover, it only updates its online True Market Value (TMV) pricing tools monthly. So if you want more up-to-date values for your car, it looks like Kellys Blue Book will serve you best.

Aside from the normal guide contents, both the Kellys Used Car Guide and NADA car consumer edition can also provide you with Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN), easy-to-use equipment schedules with values for optional equipment, acceptable mileage range chart values, credit check service that can evaluate your credit score and what type of loan you could qualify for and retail values. However, Kellys Blue Book for Cars provides Retail Value for a longer time frame, more than 15 years compared to the less than 10 years covered by NADA Car. What’s more, Kellys Blue Book will also give you information on your car’s original list price, Kellys Auction (how much a vehicle is expected to sell for at wholesale auction), and Kellys Wholesale Lending (expected finance value of a fully reconditioned vehicle) values not found in other guides. Meanwhile, Edmunds Guide prides itself on providing the True Market Value (TMV) pricing for new and used vehicles, detailed histories on popular models, and Certified Used Vehicle Information. However, Kellys Blue Book, NADA Car, and Edmunds Guide retail or TMV prices do not factor in the buyer’s credit details that could markedly affect the final price of your vehicle though they do have connecting sites that will help you apply for a loan in easy steps.

Hold on now, the most important determinant of reliability has yet to be discussed, and this is the accuracy of values provided by these guides. Many experts would tell you that the most accurate car price guide is one that gives vehicle values closest to the actual “selling price” in the market, which actually varies day-to-day and place to place. Prices for new cars are not much of an issue, but used car values differ significantly because of many factors, primarily the condition, age and mileage of your car. To get the most accurate value, one has to keep tabs and analyze a large quantity of private, dealer and auction data. That is a difficult feat at best, and to be fair, none of the three: Kellys Blue Book for Cars, NADA Car, nor Edmunds Guide offer absolutely true or accurate values based on the analysis of your car’s present condition. In the end the one with the most expertise will probably provide the closest estimate and it is already an established fact that Kellys Blue Book has always been a leader and industry standard in car appraisal services.